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Sanctuary County

Calvin Ball and Jen Terrasa have proposed that Howard County become a ‘Sanctuary County’, in which people can interact with local officials without fear that their immigration status will come under examination.

Not only does this mean that residents of the county can report crimes or medical emergencies without fear of interacting with ‘the system’, it also means that county resources won’t be wasted in harassing immigrants.  It in no way requires local officials to interfere with Federal investigations, and allows for cooperation when due procedures are followed.

The Local hasn’t convened since the legislation was proposed (legislative day 1 of 2017), but the text of the bill is available online here:

CB9-2017 (PDF download)

You can track its progress here:

Legislation Individual Report CB9-2017

It is scheduled to be discussed at the next County Council Legislative Public Hearing on January 17 at the George Howard Building, 3430 Court House Drive, Banneker Room, Ellicott City / 7 pm / Contact: County Council Office, 410-313-2001